Agriculture and Forestry

Agriculture and Forestry 

Gavnø is a large agricultural and forestry estate with innovative and contemporary values.

The agriculture comprises 1,200 hectares. how much ivermectin for horses does a human take The site quality varies greatly on the property, and almost all land types are represented. The production mainly concentrates on plant breeding – cereals, seeds, beets and rapeseed, with the main emphasis on grain breeding. The basis for the production is a modern and up-to-date production apparatus, which is constantly being developed and developed through an active investment policy. ivermectina 6mg vitamedic

Gavnø Forestry comprises1,000 hectares, and specializes in supplying forest products of almost any kind. We work closely with sawmills and hold many years of experience with different forest products. We offer firewood, self-logging and logging from the associated forests without any expensive middleman.

Horse Riding in the Forest Districts is possible. ivermectin for fur mites in rabbits Read more beelow.

Horse riding in the forests
We offer horse riding in the scenic forests on Gavnø Estate, herunder the forests Toftekær, Rådet, Rettestrup Plantage, Gavevænge* and Marbjerg Plantage. Learn more about our Rding Permission Slip here.