The feel of history

Explore the castle’s hallways among thousands of paintings, antiques and historic rooms.

The Exhibition

Newly restored living rooms

Experience the eight newly restored living rooms; Big Billiard, the Architect, Bielke, Gray Damask, Countess Thott, King Frederik V, Lens Baroness Elisabeth Thott and the Queen. The beautiful stucco ceilings, walls, floors, windows and furniture have been carefully restored.

Event Calendar

Gavnø Castle offers some of Denmark’s biggest events during the season. Experience Denmark’s largest Tulip Festival, Denmark’s largest Classic Car Show and Denmark’s largest Christmas Market and much more.

Guided Tours

Book a Guided Tour

With a Guided Tour, Living History Tour or Garden Tour, our talented storytellers lead you around in the beautiful surroundings and share the exciting stories and anecdotes, that are usually not told.

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